IC2 Distribution camera solutions including solar, rapid deployment and overt.

Why use re-deployable cameras?

Rapid deployment cameras are essential in areas where the running of cable is impossible or cost prohibitive. The increased cost of Civil works to survey and dig up roads lends itself to wireless solution cameras that can be accessed via radio links or 4g/5g routers.



Are there battery options available?

Recent improvements in battery technology has dramatically increased the battery life on cameras so that we can now achieve up to 15 days on a pan tilt and zoom camera. Our rapid deployment camera range suppo9rt 12VDC inputs and we supply hot-swap battery pods from 80AH to 120Ah. All our battery units are hot-swappable with our rapid-deployment range. 


Are hybrid/power cameras available?

A hybrid solution is available to power the camera during the day via the batteries and charge the battery at night utilising the lights on the lighting column. 


Are there solar/wind options for cameras?

Ic2 have a full solar/wind Turbine solution, meaning you never have to worry about changing batteries again! Our sustainable camera options seamlessly integrates with any camera and back office, providing an effortless solution. 


Can ANPR Cameras be re-deployable? 

Our ANPR cameras are re-deployable and can be set up quickly and easily. Vaxtor has recently been included as an option in our full range of Rapid Deployment Cameras, through their ANPR and tracking software, we are able to provide state-of-the-art tracking and identification, whilst keeping the system up-to-date.


What ANPR software is recommended?

Ic2 distribution offers Vaxtor software which includes make, model, and colour. Vaxtor’s ANPR solutions are designed for all areas of business and industry and can be supplied in a rapid and re-deployable format. This software delivers fantastic results for parking access and control, law enforcement, security and logistics. 


Are covert cameras available?

IC2 distribution offer a range of external covert solutions that can be fitted in items that blend in to the environment. Our covert cameras inhabit in everyday objects such as bins, feeders and mark posts to capture unwelcome activity that may otherwise go undetected. 


What are the considerations for lighting?

All cameras are available with infra red lighting to help the camera catch a high quality image even when there is no light at all. 


Can rapid deployment cameras be monitored remotely?

Rapid Deployment Cameras can be connected to a remote monitoring station and also fitted with 2 way audio, allowing the authorised personnel to monitor the footage from a remote location.