How CCTV cameras help combat urban crime

An urban area with CCTV cameras to help combat crime
CCTV cameras are becoming more and more ubiquitous in public spaces in the UK and around the world, but what does this increased surveillance mean for crime rates? Is there a correlation between the two, Read More

Covert or overt CCTV? the pros and cons of both

An example of a overt CCTV camera
There are advantages and disadvantages to both covert and overt CCTV systems. This article will explore the pros and cons of each type of device to help you make the best decision for your organisation’s Read More

The moped crime wave in London and how redeployable CCTV cameras could help

Mopeds that wont get stolen due to redeployable cctv cameras
Moped crime was one of the big stories in London throughout the 2010s, with incidences soaring by 600% between 2014 and 2016, and criminals using the bikes to commit offences such as snatch-and-grab thefts, acid Read More

Is Britain really sunny enough for solar powered rapid deployment cameras?

An image of the sun representing solar powered rapid deployment cameras
With the increase in solar powered products on the market, it's natural to wonder if solar power can be relied on as a primary source of energy for devices like rapid deployment cameras. Many businesses Read More

3 key considerations when investing in rapid deployment cameras

rapid deployment cctv camera
There are many benefits of investing in Rapid Deployment CCTV cameras – crime prevention and deterrence, lower insurance premiums, and a healthy Return on Investment (ROI), for example – but like any technological innovation, it’s Read More

When are rapid deployment cameras a better solution than more traditional CCTV installation?

rapid deployment cctv camera outside
When most people think of CCTV, they imagine complex systems comprising endless metres of cable, a mains electricity power supply, and a bank of monitors which are being intently watched by security personnel. While this Read More

What is rapid deployment CCTV?

rapid deployment cctv camera outside
CCTV cameras play a vital role in safeguarding people and property from crime, but there are many instances when a permanent camera system would be impractical or unaffordable. Where CCTV is only required on a Read More

The benefits of CCTV in the construction industry

Despite increasing awareness of the problem of metal and machinery theft from construction sites in the UK, the problem continues to persist. Each year, over £800 million of materials are stolen from building sites, with Read More

How to prevent rural crime

Out in the countryside, the crime rate is supposed to be lower. Don’t people move to the country to get away from the hustle and bustle and security threats associated with the city? However, the Read More

How local authorities can combat fly tipping with overt redeployable CCTV cameras

In a previous article, we discussed the ways in which councils and local authorities can use covert, or hidden CCTV cameras to tackle fly tipping and antisocial behaviour. Today, we’ll look at the value of Read More