Rapid deployment cameras and redeployment cameras, what are they and where can they be used?

Rapid Deployment Cameras or Re-Deployable Cameras can be extremely beneficial to many organisations, but before deciding on whether or not you need a rapid deployment camera or a re-deployable camera, it’s important to understand the difference between the two and if you require proactive or reactive CCTV surveillance.


Proactive vs reactive surveillance

Surveillance can be categorized into Proactive Surveillance and Reactive Surveillance, depending on the functions of the surveillance in your organisation and how it caters to investigations or crimes.




Proactive CCTV systems

Proactive Surveillance involves security staff constantly monitoring CCTV cameras, anticipating a crime to occur, typically in a CCTV control room setting. The operators will have access to CCTV cameras to “proactively” monitor areas such as town centres, housing estates, major events, MOD and Government buildings etc. With this type of surveillance in place, security staff can take action on the spot when criminal activity happens.

Cameras used for proactive systems tend to be PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) cameras which are used by an operator to follow individuals.


Reactive CCTV systems

Reactive Surveillance is the alternative surveillance system that allows your organization to be protected after a crime has occurred. Reactive CCTV is a system that is not monitored by CCTV operators, which is useful when security staff are unable to monitor the criminal activity at the exact moment it happens. These types of systems are used to gather information to deter crime. A reactive type system generally uses static type cameras pointed at a specific area to capture images, which are then reviewed at a later date.

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What are rapid deployment cameras & re-deployable cameras?

Rapid Deployment Cameras are the ‘quick-fix CCTV security solution for organizations or businesses of any size or sector who need a reliable CCTV camera system that can be installed quickly and easily for usage, then taken down smoothly once when usage is complete.

Rapid Deployment cameras (RDC) units are designed to be installed quickly using a battery pack meaning these cameras can be installed in minutes. These types of cameras tend to be used for short deployments.

For longer-term deployment, we’d recommend Re-deployable cameras. These cameras tend to be mains powered units that are installed in an area for longer periods. With the need for mains power, the installation process can take more time. These Cameras tend to stay in place but can be moved if needed.

Here at iC2 Distribution, we manufacture Rapid Deployment Cameras and Re-deployable Cameras which provide excellent operational flexibility and deliver surveillance where it is needed FAST.

Which systems suit Proactive or Reactive? The answer is both Rapid and Re-deployable cameras can be used for proactive and reactive. The IC2 Distributions’ range of RDC units can have a more proactive PTZ on the unit or high-resolution Static cameras. We can also supply multi-cam units with a PTZ for proactive operations with static cameras for reactive these are a great option for part manned control rooms. IC2 Distribution supplies battery pods to make our cameras a truly flexible solution.

Rapid or Re-deployable cameras use multiple formats of transmission which includes 4G/5G, WIFI, Long-range Wireless and Mesh type wireless.


Where can rapid deployment CCTV cameras be used?

Rapid deployment cameras and re-deployable cameras are perfect for any organization whether it’s the public sector or private business sector. For example, whether you are the police force or local authority that needs Rapid Deployment or Re-deployable cameras to help investigate specific crimes such as anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping or general protection of the public, or a private sector business looking to protect staff and or property, IC2 Distribution has a range of RDC units to suit.

Our Rapid deployment Cameras and their models are as follows;

Advantages and features of our rapid deployment cameras:

Multi-communication formats

Our Rapid Development Camera’s ability to transmit live or recorded video using Wi-Fi, 4G/5G Long-range multi-point or point-to-point wireless and Mesh Wireless is supported in our Rapid and Re-deployable cameras. Our RDC unit’s cam supports most major brands of wireless and 4/5G.


Camera types

IC2 distribution RDC range can support all the major cameras brands on the market and most types of cameras ranging from static type cameras with varifocal lens to Fish-eye panoramic cameras. Pan Tilt and Zoom Cameras from simple dome type cameras to 60x Zoom cameras with 500m+ IR Lamps.


Battery and solar

IC2 Distribution RDC range support 12VDC inputs we supply hot-swap battery pods from 80Ah to 120Ah giving up to 2 weeks battery life. All our battery units are hot-swappable with our rapid-deployment range.


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