Re-deployable camera solutions for the CCTV industry

Located in the heart of London with over 100 years combined experience in the electronic security industry, iC2 Distribution is a value-added bespoke manufacturer of rapid/re-deployable camera solutions for the CCTV Industry. iC2 cameras support reactive security with recordings, and pro-active security with live monitoring.


The IC-POD-STATIC is the IC2 Distribution chassis for static type cameras. The chassis comes in 2 formats – lightweight (LW) and heavyweight (HW). LW is suitable for static turrets or light domes, whereas HW is suitable for larger bullet cameras. We can support most brands and types of static camera with this chassis, which make this a versatile flexible re/rapid-deployable camera solution. With options to run the IC-POD-ST RDC from a hot swappable 12VDC pole mount battery pack, POD will give you up to 10 days battery running time. 


Key features: 

  • Support for any brand or model of static camera.
  • 4g/Wifi as standard.
  • Customer wrap for tube.
  • Small form factor.
  • Options for internal PC (i5/i7) for any application.
  • Options for ANPR.
  • Hot swap battery packs for 12VDC Cameras.
  • 110VAC-240VAC. 
  • Wind and solar options. 
  • Wall, pole and corner mounting kits.


Support for any brand or model of PTZ, Fisheye and Multi-sensor camera
Long range Wi-Fi
4G streaming
Wall, pole and corner mounting kits