At IC2 Distribution, we provide rapid deployment CCTV cameras for a range of surveillance and security applications.

Rapid deployment CCTV is a valuable tool in many situations and locations, as a visible deterrent to deter criminality, for real-time monitoring, or to gather visual evidence of a crime.

1) Preventing and prosecuting fly-tipping

For local authorities and businesses, fly-tipping is a persistent problem. The illegal dumping of commercial, industrial, or domestic waste not only creates an eyesore in areas of outstanding natural beauty, but also pollutes local habitats and waterways, and costs the taxpayer over £11 million each year.


  • Fast set-up, including in isolated areas with limited access to main services.
  • A strong deterrent to fly-tippers who know they are being recorded.
  • A resource of visual evidence to support prosecutions.
  • Integrate with infrared (IR) to enable CCTV recording at night.
  • Integrate with ANPR to obtain vital clues about the identity of perpetrators.

2) Enforcing parking restrictions

Not every car parking space can be covered by permanent CCTV. In residential areas, such as outside schools or in residents-only parking zones, illegal parking causes considerable inconvenience and may even endanger lives by obscuring free-flowing traffic. When temporary events are held, new car parks spring up for visitors, but motorists may seek to take advantage by claiming an illicit space.


  • The ideal solution to the need for short-term monitoring of parking.
  • Identify illegal parking offenders using ANPR to issue enforcement notices.
  • Control visitor access at temporary events.
  • Prevent unauthorised access to restricted parking zones.

3) Optimise traffic management

When temporary traffic lights are set up, or existing signals fail for a prolonged period, traffic management is crucial to prevent bottlenecks and reduce the risk of accidents. Rapid deployment CCTV ensures that traffic flow is monitored continually, so that actions may be taken to manage the situation.


  • Optimise traffic flow and reduce dangers for motorists and pedestrians.
  • Measure traffic density during the day and night.
  • Automatically implement traffic management strategies to ensure free flow.

4) Reduce antisocial behavior

Antisocial behavior has the power to wreck lives. Disruption, usually in the evenings and weekends, can be harmful, causing significant anxiety and distress to residents, while businesses may be targeted resulting in damage to or loss of property. But hotspots are rarely permanent, so fast deployment CCTV is the perfect solution to a major problem.


  • Installs CCTV rapidly when an antisocial behavior problem emerges.
  • Integrate with IR technology to capture high-quality images in darkness.
  • Motion detection algorithms activate CCTV when perpetrators gather.
  • Facial recognition software can detect repeat offenders and identify them if known.
  • Provides security staff with early warnings of problems so that toxic situations can be defused.



Why iC2 Distribution?

At iC2 Distribution, our rapid deployment cameras deliver maximum efficiency as they can be installed and fully operational in minutes. With extensive experience and technical knowledge, we can supply innovative and reliable CCTV solutions for deployment in a variety of situations, providing your customers with the monitoring equipment they need at a competitive and cost-effective price.


Next steps

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