5G redeployable security cameras: what are the benefits?

5G – the fifth generation of mobile broadband networks, offers customers faster speeds, ultra-low latency, and increased bandwidth. Anticipated to make an unprecedented impact on business and society as a whole, 5G will be a key component of many advanced technologies, including driverless cars, drones, and even entire smart cities.


With mobile download speeds up to 60 times faster and latency 50 times lower than 4G, 5G technology is certain to transform our lives in many ways. 

For businesses who rely on rapid deployment CCTV, what are the benefits of upgrading to 5G-compatible cameras?

Futureproof your CCTV system

Mobile broadband and CCTV technology evolve rapidly, so you run the risk of your CCTV system becoming out of date. This poses many technical challenges, such as the gradual withdrawal of support or patches for older hardware, and also risks a loss of business if your competitors can demonstrate they have the latest equipment.

By investing in 5G cameras now, you’ll be able to take advantage of the 5G rollout and focus on delivering outstanding CCTV service, without the worry of managing out-of-date hardware.

Ultra-HD image quality

In rapid deployment camera systems, image quality is critical if the equipment is to deliver the required results. Grainy or incoherent images are unlikely to provide your staff with the information or evidence they require, so opting for 5G technology is a logical and cost-effective decision. 5G speed values are up to ten times higher than 4G, so clearer images, with superb definition, are the norm. 

Low latency

Latency – the time between the capture and display of a frame – is problematic for CCTV monitoring staff, as any delays can prevent them gaining a thorough view of a situation and taking responsive action. High numbers of devices on a 4G network cannot be accommodated without significant loss of performance, whereas 5G networks are able to connect millions of devices in a square mile.

With 5G cameras, latency is virtually eliminated (at a rate of 1-4 milliseconds compared to 50-100 milliseconds with 4G); consequently, the quality of real-time monitoring is improved considerably, even on mobile devices for the ultimate in convenience. Fast download times will also allow operators to pull down video in seconds – essential for comprehensive evidence gathering.

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