Is Britain really sunny enough for solar powered rapid deployment cameras?

An image of the sun representing solar powered rapid deployment cameras

With the increase in solar powered products on the market, it’s natural to wonder if solar power can be relied on as a primary source of energy for devices like rapid deployment cameras. Many businesses and public organisations are sceptical.




After all, CCTV security cameras need to be able to work 24/7, and even in the day, clouds can get in the way of solar panels collecting enough energy to power the cameras continuously. Is the British climate consistently sunny enough (summer heatwaves notwithstanding) to sustain a large network of effective rapid deployment CCTV cameras?

Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is yes. It’s important to remember that modern solar powered products usually have backup systems in place (such as batteries, generators, or mains electric connections) so that they can continue to function even when there is little sunlight. This makes solar powered rapid deployment cameras the perfect solution for a wide range of surveillance and security applications for British businesses.

Excellent reliability 

Solar powered rapid deployment cameras are some of the most reliable cameras on the market. Modern solar powered cameras use hybrid systems with built in backups, so even at night or if there is little sun, they will still work. 


As the name suggests, solar powered rapid deployment cameras rely predominantly on solar power to function. This means that they have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional cameras that rely on mains electricity. For local authorities and large organisations with an extensive CCTV network, migrating to solar powered devices can also save significant sums in lower electricity bills. Additionally, solar powered cameras don’t require any costly installation or maintenance fees – once they’re set up, they can run for years with very little intervention compared to mains-connected devices. 


Solar powered rapid deployment cameras are very affordable compared to some other alternative products. IC2 Distribution, a leading provider of OCR-enabled CCTV and security solutions, offer a wide range of affordable solar powered cameras that are perfect for any budget. These include battery-powered security cameras that can be charged via solar panel, USB, or AC power adapter, allowing them to operate 24-hours a day. Some devices feature a built-in spotlight and siren that can be activated remotely, making them ideal for deterring intruders. IC2 Distribution also offer an advanced motion detection system that can send alerts to a phone or tablet so that security teams can check what’s going on even when a premises is unoccupied. 

Efficient and sustainable surveillance systems.

Thanks to hybrid systems and backup batteries, sustainable cameras can continue to operate even when there is little or no sunlight, and the latest generation of solar powered rapid deployment cameras feature a range of advanced security features not present on earlier models, such as ANPR and facial recognition. 

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Image Source: Canva