3 key considerations when investing in rapid deployment cameras

rapid deployment cctv camera

There are many benefits of investing in Rapid Deployment CCTV cameras – crime prevention and deterrence, lower insurance premiums, and a healthy Return on Investment (ROI), for example – but like any technological innovation, it’s important to ensure that you purchase the solution that most adeptly meets your business’s needs.

Compared to fixed CCTV systems, redeployable cameras offer greater versatility, quicker installation, and cost-efficiency – especially where a permanent solution is not needed. But with many types of rapid deployment CCTV cameras from which to choose, it can be difficult to know which is the best system for your needs.

What features of CCTV should you look for when considering which redeployable cameras to purchase?


  • High-definition quality

Forget the grainy images of older generation CCTV hardware: modern cameras are far more advanced and reliable than their predecessors, offering full HD quality that is invaluable when identifying intruders, spotting suspicious behaviour, or providing evidence to the police. Unclear or blurred footage can mask people’s identity and overlook vital details of an unfolding crime, making it harder for the police to press charges and secure a positive outcome in court.

  • Access from any device

Many premises that benefit from redeployable CCTV cameras, such as areas prone to fly tipping, are unlikely to have 24/7 security to monitor activity on fixed screens. Redeployable cameras are also well-suited to situations where constant monitoring is not justified: antisocial behaviour, for example, may only be a short-term or occasional problem in many areas, so it wouldn’t make financial sense to maintain a constant watch over your cameras’ live feeds. Cloud-accessibility allows your CCTV images to be viewed on any compatible device, so you can witness problems in real time and take decisive action the moment they arise.

  • Night-time capabilities

Many crimes occur at night when darkness shrouds unoccupied business premises. CCTV cameras that don’t offer infrared (IR) capabilities are unable to record events as they unfold – all that you will see is a mass of dark, indistinct shapes. IR delivers high-quality images even in total darkness, so that the smallest details can be seen clearly, such as the behaviour or facial features of individuals. Without infrared capability, CCTV is unable to provide the detailed images required for the system to be effective.

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