How rapid deployment cameras are replacing traditional ANPR cameras

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras have become commonplace around the UK, in car parks, at the entrance to premises, at tolls and even in police patrol cars. ANPR cameras utilise optical character recognition (OCR) technology to instantly read registration plates so that vehicles can be accurately matched to a specific location at a given time and date. Data may be stored as evidence of a vehicle’s whereabouts, or to levy parking charges.


However, rapid deployment CCTV cameras are quickly becoming a more cost-effective and practical alternative to fixed ANPR devices.

What are the benefits of rapid deployment cameras?

Rapid deployment CCTV uses cameras that can be deployed quickly at a desired location and then removed when no longer required. For short-term use, they can be fitted with battery packs to avoid the need for time-consuming set ups and to minimise costs.

A rapid deployment camera system can be deployed in many settings and for many purposes, in the same way as ANPR cameras, but with significant additional benefits:

A cost-effective solution

If you need short term, rapid deployment ANPR, such as at a public event or temporary traffic lights, installing fixed security cameras isn’t a cost-effective solution.

Rapid deployment cameras eliminate the high upfront cost of a fixed system, while facilitating a more flexible approach to vehicle management (cameras can be easily and cheaply moved, for instance, as your needs change over time). With no complex installation or infrastructure required, rapid deployment cameras are a much more affordable solution.

Rapid installation

If you opt to install fixed ANPR cameras on your site, expect a hefty bill! Installation is time and labour-intensive as power and network cables will need to be professionally fitted for the system to operative correctly.

In contrast, a redeployable camera system can be set up in minutes, with no extensive cabling required. Power is supplied from robust battery packs, while 5G connectivity ensure that data can be captured and downloaded easily and cheaply.

A solution to problem parking

Sometimes, anti-social parking occurs when motorists learn that a particular site is operating without stringent checks in place. A temporary solution is all that is needed to discourage drivers from parking illegally, avoiding the long-term costs of a permanent camera system. Rapid deployment CCTV systems can increase motorists’ awareness that site rules must be followed, without the need for an expensive ANPR system. The same logic also applies to fly tipping hotspots, where rapid deployment cameras can be used to great effect.

Safer traffic management

Where traffic lights are set up temporarily, such as at roadworks, motorists often pay little notice of the signals compared to fixed lights. The installation of a fixed ANPR system is clearly not cost-effective or practical where traffic lights are only used short-term, so a rapid deployment CCTV system, which can be set up in minutes without cabling, will ensure drivers obey the rules of the road and help to educate them in safe driving.

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