3 reasons you should install covert CCTV cameras over regular overt CCTV cameras

Install Covert CCTV Cameras Over Regular Overt CCTV Cameras

When you’re considering a CCTV installation, you have two main choices to make regarding the cameras you choose – covert or overt. CCTV cameras come in many shapes and sizes with a range of functionalities, but the primary differentiation between them is whether they’re covert or overt. Why should you choose covert cameras, rather than overt ones? Here are three reasons for you to consider.


1. Their inherent discretion

Not every organisation wants to make their CCTV camera integration obvious. It’s commonly accepted that CCTV is essential and very valuable, but despite design developments over the years, not everyone wants to have to look at a CCTV camera cluttering up their space. This is where covert CCTV cameras come in useful because by their very nature they’re designed to be as discrete as possible. This makes it much easier to hide their presence, without having to make them obvious. In some cases, they can even be disguised as everyday objects.

2. Making people feel comfortable

Whatever you need CCTV for, whether it’s to cover your regular place of business or it’s for some extra coverage at an event you’re hosting, you want people to be at ease. The presence of CCTV can make people feel uncomfortable. If it’s obvious they’re being watched, some may find it difficult to relax. A covert CCTV camera setup will allow you to maximise the coverage of your event or property without the need to make it so obvious they’re there. This can make your guests, visitors, and customers much more relaxed and comfortable.

3. Integration with regular CCTV systems

The beauty of it is that you don’t even really need to make a direct distinction between covert and overt CCTV cameras at all. You can have a solution that integrates both seamlessly, to allow you the best of both worlds. That means you would be able to have the subtlety of covert cameras in certain areas, where a little more discretion is preferable. But it also means you could have regular CCTV cameras as well, in locations where you want to make your security precautions a little more obvious.

Deciding the best solution for you

Which system is right for you? The answer is that your situation, your needs, your requirements, and your budget will all determine the right CCTV integration for you. Contact ic2 Distribution to learn more about your options today.