The 5 advantages of using battery powered rapid deployment cameras

Over the past couple of decades, CCTV cameras have become increasingly common in public spaces as urban areas become more densely populated. Investing in battery powered rapid deployment surveillance technology is a great way to keep your business safe and of increasing security during events. Unlike traditional CCTV cameras, which draw energy from the electric grid, battery CCTV wireless cameras operate on batteries, making them extremely useful for monitoring daytime events and incidents, including emergency roadworks, protests, and sport events. 

The following are five advantages of investing in this technology:

1) Several powering options

With a conventional surveillance system, mains-powered CCTV cameras may suffer from power outages, which are known for momentary spikes in criminal activity. However, wireless battery powered CCTV surveillance cameras are not subject to this problem. Some models can also be connected to mains electricity as their primary power source, with batteries and battery power as a backup. This guarantees 100% uptime in all circumstances, and also enables the cameras to be deployed in remote and off grid areas.

2) Flexibility

You can install battery-powered rapid deployment cameras virtually anywhere with zero stress or hassle. Historically, CCTV technology needed a constant power source and broadband Internet connection. Battery powered rapid deployment cameras can bypass this limitation making them a very versatile security solution.

3) No need for transmission cables

iC2 Distribution’s battery CCTV wireless cameras use 4G technology to transmit images real-time, eliminating cumbersome transmission cables and significantly increasing the transmission range of CCTV cameras. 

4) Affordability

Wireless battery powered CCTV surveillance cameras are cheaper to purchase, implement, and maintain than many traditional CCTV options. The installation cost of these devices has steadily become cheaper over the years, and by reducing their mains energy requirements, they can save you a lot in power bills over the lifetime of the equipment. 

Invest in iC2 distribution’s battery CCTV wireless cameras

Are you looking for a flexible and affordable surveillance security solution that uses renewable energy? You can choose from our wide range of battery CCTV wireless camera designs that provide superb image quality and cost effectiveness in a variety of security applications. Contact us today for a consultation on the best cameras for your business or local authority.