Do you have a fly-tipping problem? 6 ways rapid deployment CCTV cameras can help

Rapid deployment CCTV cameras are an efficient and quick way to combat crime in an area. One crime that rapid deployment CCTV can help prevent is fly-tipping. Fly-tipping can make an area visually unappealing. It can also result in pests such as flies and rats, which can lead to health and safety concerns.

Visible CCTV can act as a deterrent and provides high-quality footage to assist in investigation and prosecution. Here are 6 reasons to choose rapid deployment CCTV cameras over other surveillance methods.

1. Rapid deployment CCTV cameras can be put up and taken down within minutes

These cameras are extremely versatile and as soon as a fly-tipping problem area is identified, a rapid deployment CCTV camera can be working within minutes. On top of this, if an area with surveillance no longer needs it, it is easy to take the camera down and move to a higher priority area. The lag time for traditional CCTV which comes from having to set up security infrastructure is no longer required.

2. They can be fully customised, including lights and audio

Rapid deployment CCTV cameras have extra options available to add audio and lights. This can make the camera more conspicuous, which works to deter potential fly-tippers due to fear of being caught.

3. They can be used during the day and night due to integrated IR technology

Rapid deployment cameras capture clear footage day and night. IR technology allows the camera to get high-quality recognisable images in low and no light areas to capture fly-tippers at any time.

4. They can be used to capture vital footage required for prosecutions

Due to the high-quality footage and speed of deployment, they will be getting usable evidence from fly-tipping hot spots almost instantly in order to help with investigation and prosecution. This will also set an example for other potential fly-tippers.

5. They can be used as a future deterrent in known dumping areas

The rapid deployment CCTV camera can be installed subtly or in an obvious area with additional lights or audio to make sure the camera is not missed by passers-by. This sends a message to potential fly-tippers that the area is surveyed and they will get caught on camera if they dump their rubbish.

6. All data can be remotely viewed, allowing instant reaction

Footage from the camera is directly sent to an external monitoring device. This live viewing allows you to view any illegal activities in real-time and coordinate a response without even being there.

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