When are rapid deployment cameras a better solution than more traditional CCTV installation?

rapid deployment cctv camera outside

When most people think of CCTV, they imagine complex systems comprising endless metres of cable, a mains electricity power supply, and a bank of monitors which are being intently watched by security personnel. While this set-up may suit some permanent sites, such as shopping centres, hospitals, or casinos, it is clearly too intricate and time-consuming for a site where a permanent CCTV solution is not required.

Redeployable CCTV cameras offer the same core features and functionality of a wired system, without the complicated installation or limitations that may sometimes be encountered. So, if you’re looking for an effective solution for a limited period, such as at a construction site, festival, seasonal shop, or set of roadworks, why are rapid deployment cameras a better solution?


Fast And Simple Set-Up

Rapid deployment CCTV cameras can be installed in minutes. Traditional systems, in comparison, can take days. Redeployable cameras, therefore, are the go-to choice for businesses who need a fast solution to a problem – for example, when a temporary car park is ready to be opened for an event or a surge in crime demands a quick response to catch the perpetrators in action.

No Infrastructure Required

In some locations, the infrastructure required for a traditional CCTV system simply doesn’t exist or would be too expensive to connect to. Rapid deployment cameras are powered by rechargeable batteries – ideal for a cost-effective installation or in locations without mains electricity – and can be attached to existing lampposts or buildings. Even the absence of a fixed data network poses no problems: rapid deployment cameras can transfer data via 4G seamlessly and with minimal delay, to a remote device anywhere in the world for effective out-of-hours monitoring.

Delivering A Rapid Solution When You Need It Most

When a problem occurs, it’s vital that you can respond to it quickly. Even without a fixed data network, your staff can obtain a real-time view of events and make informed decisions about how to react when situations arise. And, when the need for CCTV has diminished, the system can be quickly disassembled and removed, with no long-term financial commitments to fulfil.

Next Steps

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