5 ways rapid deployment CCTV systems can improve neighbourhood safety & reduce crime rates

Although CCTV cameras were initially developed to help prevent crime in areas like shopping centres and car parks, the past couple of decades have increasingly seen this technology deployed in residential and mixed use urban and suburban areas, too. 

For privacy reasons, permanent CCTV cameras are not always appropriate away from main roads in residential neighbourhoods, but these are often the secluded areas that are most at risk of crime. Burglaries, fly-tipping, car thefts, vandalism, and muggings normally take place in poorly lit, quiet, and under-observed areas with little or no CCTV presence. 

Rapid Deployment CCTV Cameras provide an alternative to regular surveillance solutions, catering to organisations, businesses, or individuals who want to deploy a surveillance system quickly to defuse a local crime hotspot and improve neighbourhood safety. Here are five reasons why you should invest in these security solutions:

1) Deter crime

Criminals tend to strike when there is no one around, often at night when they know their chances of being seen and caught are low, or during the day when there is lower activity in residential areas. However, if someone with criminal intent approaches a home or business and notices visible CCTV cameras around, they will most likely abandon their plans. These cameras act as a significant deterrent, preventing criminal behaviour due to the fear of being caught. 

Rapid deployment CCTV cameras provide the deterrent value of conventional CCTV without the expensive infrastructure or power requirements, so they can be deployed to deter crime in impromptu situations – such as when a secluded alleyway is being regularly used for drug deals.

2) Increase the market value of an area

A recent study revealed that persistent crime levels can lower the market value of houses in an area. Investing in rapid deployment CCTV cameras is a great way for businesses and residents’ associations to collect evidence against criminals, deter further criminal activity from happening, and increase an area’s desirability. 

3) Help identify and apprehend criminals

CCTV footage is admissible in the court as it provides a clear, accurate picture of the events in question. If a home or business is broken into or vandalised, footage from rapid deployment CCTV cameras will be integral to identifying the suspects. Plenty of criminals who would have otherwise got away with their activities have been brought to justice simply because a CCTV camera caught their number plates or faces. 

4) Easy to install and use

One of the most significant benefits of rapid deployment CCTV cameras is that they require no additional power or internet infrastructure. A technician can install a wireless camera in a matter of minutes, and you can start using it to monitor your business or public space with relative ease. Once their job is complete, the removal or redeployment process will be just as quick and easy.

5) Track crime hotspots

Thanks to the swift installation process, you can quickly deploy and install rapid deployment CCTV cameras in areas experiencing a surge in crime, such as housing estates in development and derelict buildings. Video evidence from redeployable CCTV cameras can help local authorities track and suppress crime hotspots as they develop around an area, allowing a rapid response to reduce levels of anti-social behaviour.

Invest in rapid deployment CCTV cameras today

Has your neighbourhood recently experienced an increase in crime rates? Are you afraid of your business being robbed or vandalised? iC2 Distribution has the solution you need. We provide high-quality and affordable rapid deployment CCTV cameras for organisations and individuals looking to install reliable surveillance solutions on their properties. Contact us today for a consultation.

Image source: Unsplash