The beginner’s guide to rapid deployment CCTV cameras

Rapid Deployment CCTV Cameras

If you’re unfamiliar with rapid deployment CCTV cameras, they can seem like a daunting and confusing prospect. The reality is, however, that not only are they actually very simple, but they could also be the perfect CCTV choice for your needs. So, what do you need to know about rapid deployment CCTV cameras?


What are they?

Rapid deployment CCTV cameras are, as the name implies, CCTV cameras that are specifically designed to be as quick to erect and as versatile to locate as possible. They’re just like normal CCTV cameras in most of their functionality, except they don’t need to be hardwired into an existing electrical system.

Where can they be used?

Anywhere. That’s the benefit of rapid deployment cameras; you can put them pretty much anywhere you need them. They can run on batteries or solar power and offer 4G connectivity so you don’t need onsite power and wireless to be able to use them.

What can they integrate with?

Rapid deployment cameras can integrate with a variety of other standard security system features. They can integrate with a hardwired onsite CCTV system, infrared systems, sound detection, night vision and much more.

What are their best uses?

Rapid deployment CCTV cameras are best used in circumstances where you need versatile but practical CCTV coverage. This means they’re ideal for use in public events, concerts, and temporary car parks. They’re also perfect for use in situations where parking gets busy at peak times, such as outside schools during pickup and drop off. Construction sites also benefit from rapid deployment CCTV systems as they can be moved to suit the site as it develops, then are quickly taken down when the project is complete.

Can you stream with them?

Yes. You can get rapid deployment CCTV cameras with wireless functionality if you know you’re going to be using them somewhere they can find a connection. Or you can choose to stream via 4G. This gives you the freedom to access the remote camera feed from anywhere and ensure complete access for your security team even when the installation is otherwise completely off-grid.

If you have any more questions

This brief beginner’s guide should give you the basics that you need to know about rapid deployment CCTV cameras. If you have any more questions, however, or you want to enquire about the right rapid deployment CCTV camera for you, contact ic2 Distribution today.