The benefits of CCTV in the construction industry


Despite increasing awareness of the problem of metal and machinery theft from construction sites in the UK, the problem continues to persist. Each year, over £800 million of materials are stolen from building sites, with 20% of sites experiencing theft on a weekly basis. It’s not just the cost of replacing valuable equipment or materials that causes problems for construction companies; decreased productivity and rising insurance premiums also dent profits, in a sector that is already operating to tight margins in the post-pandemic recovery phase.


How construction CCTV systems can reinforce your site security

Construction site CCTV systems are often disregarded as building companies believe that their installation is complex and time-consuming. After all, why would you install an entire CCTV system when the site will be vacated after weeks or months?

Redeployable cameras, however, provide a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution that can deter criminals and provide vital evidence about the perpetrators should the worst-case scenario occur.

How and why are rapid deployment CCTV cameras suitable for construction sites?

  • Fast and simple installation.

Redeployable CCTV cameras do not require extensive wiring or a mains power supply. This means they can be installed quickly in any position on a construction site to gain an excellent view of more difficult-to-see areas or expensive equipment.

  • A strong deterrent.

Criminals tend to strike at night or at weekends when construction sites are unmanned. On a large site, a single security guard is unlikely to be able to see all incidences of theft or vandalism, so CCTV offers a powerful deterrent that will discourage criminal behaviour. Infrared (IR) tools enable cameras to gain a clear view of the site even in complete darkness, so that suspicious activity can be spotted quickly, and evidence collected for use in prosecutions.

  • A watchful eye, even from a distance.

CCTV construction site security can even work at a distance, so it isn’t necessary to have a security presence nearby. Rapid deployment cameras can be accessed remotely using Access from Any Device technology, so that problems can be spotted at the earliest opportunity. Once suspicious behaviour is identified, the police can be alerted to make it more likely that the perpetrators will be caught red-handed.

  • Protect workers against health and safety breaches.

CCTV cameras aren’t simply a weapon to combat theft and vandalism. All construction sites must adhere to strict health and safety regulations; however, accidents may still occur. CCTV not only encourages workers to act responsibly, knowing that any risky shortcuts will be flagged with the site foreman, but also provides vital evidence should an accident happen. CCTV images can help to determine the cause of incidents and whether any action needs to be taken to prevent a recurrence.

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