The top 4 environmental benefits of rapid deployment cameras for councils

Rapid Deployment Cameras - Great For Mobile Parking Enforcement

Rapid deployment cameras are versatile CCTV cameras and can be easily mounted to any existing infrastructure. The ease and speed with which rapid deployment cameras can be deployed and set to work means that the time lag between realising the need for surveillance in an area, and then having that security measure set up, is a lot shorter than with traditional CCTV. Utilising rapid deployment cameras in your area comes with many benefits. Here are just 4 of them.


1. They can be used to combat fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is not only a visual nuisance but it can also be a health hazard that can negatively affect local wildlife. When an area starts to be targeted by fly-tippers, the best way to prevent this is to catch the perpetrators in the act. A rapid deployment camera in an area of concern is a good way to build up visual evidence for prosecution. Also just seeing the camera will act as a deterrent for many.

2. They can capture evidence of crime and prevent it

Rapid deployment cameras are able to capture high-quality footage and close-ups in all directions. This can help to identify offenders and provide evidence against them for investigation or prosecution. Research shows that just the presence of CCTV cameras acts as a prevention method, so having the ability to quickly install CCTV after pinpointing a problem area is very important in crime prevention. In turn, this is also beneficial for the general public who will have a reduced fear of crime in areas with visible surveillance.

3. They can run off battery power and solar power

24-hour surveillance can be energy-intensive over time, which is detrimental to the environment and can increase your energy bills. Savings can be made by switching to a greener rapid deployment camera. Not having a need for these cameras to be connected to the grid means that more remote areas can still have surveillance.

4. They can be used and redeployed within minutes, ultimately saving costs

Rapid deployment cameras can be set up and moved around easily and quickly. This means your security network has the flexibility to change and adapt to suit an area’s needs. Instead of identifying an area that needs security and taking time to set up surveillance infrastructure for a traditional CCTV camera only to find a new priority area once the set-up is complete, you can simply take minutes to set up a rapid deployment camera.

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