6 things CCTV installers need to check before installing re-deployable CCTV cameras

As an RDC camera installer, there are key considerations that need to be considered before installation or re-deployment. Understanding these key checks can help ensure the system is installed as efficiently and effectively as possible, saving both you and your client time. So, before you start installing re-deployable CCTV cameras, what should you be looking for?


Your six key pre-installation checks

What should you be asking yourself before you start the installation?

1. Reactive or proactive – Is the camera going to be viewed in a control room with an operator (proactive) or post-event (reactive)?

2. Type of camera – If proactive, a PTZ camera, consider the type of lens and zoom capabilities. Reactive – Resolution of the camera distance from the installation location determines the type of static and the mega-pixels (resolution) and angle of lens required. Will you need a Vari-focal lens?

3. Location of installation? Are you installing on a lamp post/lighting column or building? Does the column have a weight limit for RDC units? What type of brackets do you need for buildings – IC2 supply cameras under 2KG and brackets for most installations.

4. Power considerations – Do you have a permanent mains power source and how long will it take to get power installed (fused spur or commando socket)? Do you need an RDC that has mains and battery options? If the power is not permanent, do you need both battery for daylight – for example, when street lighting is off – and also the ability to switch to mains in darkness when power is available? IC2 supply RDC units with mains and 12VDC inputs and Battery pods from 4 days to 14 days.

5. Do you need to cover specific areas and have a PTZ – do you need to cover areas of concern and have the capability to be proactive? IC2 supply multi-cam units with high resolution statics with a PTZ so you can have the best of both static (reactive) and PTZ (proactive).

6. What is the NVR or back viewing requirements – do the cameras need to integrate into an existing control room or be a standalone system? IC2 RDC units support most brands of cameras on the market (Axis, Bosh, Dahua, Hanwha etc) and we can supply RDC units with preferred brands.

7. Connectivity – How to view and download images – are you connecting via 4G/5G, existing Mesh networks or standalone WIFI – IC2 supply RDC units that support 4G/5G, WIFI, Mesh and long range wireless.


This checklist will help you to identify and isolate any potential problems before you get started. The last thing you want to do is put an RDC system in place only to find out it has to come down again because something isn’t right. As a professional camera installer, preparation is key to providing the best possible service for your clients. So, make sure you understand the different types of cameras available to choose the best type for your client’s needs, then make a plan for installation to identify any potential issues.

For more help in deciding the right kind of RDC system for your client, or to get a quote, contact IC2 Distribution today.