What are the effects of illegal fly tipping

Fly-tipping is an issue across the country, and this growing crisis is having a serious impact everywhere it happens. But what are the effects of fly-tipping and how can we prevent it from becoming an even worse problem?

Damage to farmland

Fly-tipping is common in rural places, and if the items tipped contain certain chemicals, they can leak into the soil and cause health issues for livestock. It can also be damaging to crops.

Impact on wildlife

When seeking areas where fly tipping will not be found out about, areas such as fields and other wildlife-rich places can become targets. If fly-tipped items are dropped into rivers or other water sources, this can contaminate the water for fish and animals. Dumped on land, items can release chemicals that can prove toxic to animals, trees and other plants.

Putting pressure on local services

While much fly-tipping takes place in rural areas, some occurs in or close to cities and towns, and this can be equally troublesome. Not only can it attract vermin and risk the spread of certain diseases, it can also create a nuisance on the streets, and put even more pressure on local services to try and tackle this burgeoning problem. Overstretched local councils cannot always keep up with the demand for clearing fly-tipped items, leading to unhappy residents.

Causing accidents

In some cases, items that have been dumped by fly-tippers can end up on busy roads and cause serious, immediate issues. Fly-tipping can lead to traffic accidents if a motorist does not see the item in time, or if a fly-tipped item is swept into the road unexpectedly in bad weather. All the impacts of fly-tipping are negative and can have extreme consequences, but this is perhaps the one that worries drivers the most.

What can we do to stop fly-tipping?

The best solution to stop illegal fly-tippers in their tracks is using rapid deployment cameras. These cameras are easy to set up and can move as fly-tipping moves, without the need to install complex camera systems in a permanent, fixed location. This not only deters potential illegal fly-tipping, but it also catches those who do this in the act.

If you are struggling with illegal fly tipping near you, and you need help with rapid deployment cameras, get in touch with ic2 Distribution to find out more about our cameras.


Image Source: Unsplash