7 real world rapid deployment CCTV camera applications

Rapid deployment CCTV cameras have a range of real-world applications in hospitals, businesses, high streets, and public buildings. The great benefit of rapid deployment CCTV for security integrators and installation businesses is the ease by which they can be redeployed to different locations to enhance security and maximise coverage.


This makes redeployable CCTV perfect for temporary applications, building sites, events coverage, and for on-the-spot deterrents against fly tipping, vandalism, traffic and parking violations, and antisocial behaviour. Rapid deployment CCTV uses wireless cameras that are designed to operate without an extensive power and network infrastructure, so it is easy for customers (or their installation partners) to redeploy equipment quickly when circumstances change. An engineer can be called out to the location in question on short notice, and quickly connect a camera to a battery pack, fixed to a lighting column. It’s as easy as that – then you’re up and running.

Here are seven of the most common security applications for CCTV and how rapid deployment cameras can improve efficiency and promote greater safety outcomes.

1) Fly tipping prevention

Fly tipping offences often take place away from established CCTV networks, so by setting up rapid deployment CCTV in known fly tipping hotspots, security companies, police, and local authorities can deter offenders and provide evidence for prosecutions when crimes occur. Many modern cameras can be configured with automatic number plate recognition and facial recognition algorithms to assist in crime resolution.

2) Preventing antisocial behaviour

The visible presence of CCTV cameras is often enough to deter antisocial behaviour in public spaces, as well as in secluded construction sites, residential streets, car parks, and poorly lit commercial properties. Equipped with motion-detecting algorithms and facial recognition, a rapid deployment CCTV camera network can provide security personnel with early warning of potential antisocial behaviour and criminal activity, allowing them to defuse situations before they escalate.

3) Parking rules enforcement

Security companies and councils are often limited in their ability to enforce parking regulations due to a lack of available networked CCTV equipment. Rapid deployment cameras enable teams to extend the reach of parking surveillance in established areas, and also to monitor and enforce temporary parking restrictions (e.g. due to events, roadworks etc).

4) Moving traffic violations

It isn’t just stationary vehicles that can be picked up and reported through CCTV cameras, but also moving vehicles. Rapid deployment cameras can detect and log traffic violations on public roads and private property, allowing swift reporting and action to be taken.

5) Traffic management

Rapid deployment cameras have an important safety aspect to play, in addition to their security role. During traffic light outages and temporary lights management, cameras can measure traffic density and automatically instigate traffic control measures to improve the flow of vehicles in traffic hotspots – e.g. by activating the lights sequence on temporary traffic lights.

6) Perimeter protection

Rapid deployment CCTV cameras can be set up to provide perimeter camera security on any type of site, from a permanent car park to a building site, festival or sports event, or temporary engineering/repair site. They can even be used to protect private land, including homes, shops, gardens, and unoccupied properties.

7) Construction and demolition sites

Redeployable CCTV cameras are ideal for safeguarding construction and demolition sites, as they can be set up without access to broadband Internet and mains electricity. The portable nature of rapid deployment hardware allows security companies to move their assets from site to site with ease, and scale their camera coverage to meet customer requirements, simply by adding new cameras to the network.

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