3 ways overt rapid deployment cameras are great for reducing anti-social behaviour

Given their many mobile, semi-permanent, and temporary applications for both the public and private sector, rapid deployment cameras are widely seen as the most versatile of CCTV systems. From construction sites to live sporting events, there’s virtually no situation where rapid deployment CCTV solutions can’t play a role in proactively reducing anti-social behaviour, vandalism, fly-tipping, as well as the fear and discomfort that these activities can cause.


Here are the main three reasons that businesses and councils are turning to rapid deployment CCTV cameras as an effective solution to anti-social behaviour:

1) Easy set-up

When it comes to rapid deployment CCTV systems, it’s all in the name. These cameras are ‘rapid-deployment’ in the sense that they can be set up in mere minutes, working on all cylinders right away to keep the premises safe from trespassers, vandals, and other wrongdoers. At IC2Distribution, we design and manufacture CCTV cameras that run on rechargeable long-life batteries, so that there’s no need to connect to the local power supply, invest in specialist equipment, or wait for engineers to set up the infrastructure. This makes rapid deployment cameras the perfect security solution for temporary events, traffic management during roadworks, and crowd control.

2) Eye-catching

Whether you opt for PODs, single-cam or multi-cam rapid deployment CCTV systems, they’re bound to catch the eye while simultaneously capturing footage of camera-shy would-be perpetrators. With panoramic, 360º view, large coverage areas, and long-range monitoring optical zoom cameras, rapid deployment CCTV solutions are a visible deterrent, and a very good one at that. As they can start monitoring isolated, remote, and inaccessible locations within minutes, they can quickly dissuade people from fly tipping, traffic violations, school run parking abuse, vandalism, and anti-social behaviour.

3) Proactive

Rapid deployment CCTV systems have the advantage of being able to address the problem of anti-social behaviour immediately. Because these cameras can be used straight out of the box, they can capture footage in areas with high rates of incidence right away. The video footage can be monitored in real time by wardens and other security personnel, helping to stop any crimes in progress and to apprehend the perpetrators, rather than reporting the incident after the fact. The captured footage can also be shared in real time with law enforcement and other authorities, making ample use of HD imaging, 360º view, and pan and tilt functions.

What next?

These are the top three ways that rapid deployment CCTV systems can help prevent and reduce anti-social behaviour, but this list only scratches the surface. Having designed and manufactured rapid deployment CCTV solutions for the better part of the past 20 years, IC2Distribution can share several other fantastic reasons with customers who share our vision for a safer world through technology. Please get in touch to find out more, and for our recommendations on the ideal security camera solutions for your organisation.