9 benefits of rapid-deployment camera systems for security in your local area

Rapid-deployment CCTV cameras are an effective modern security system for a range of public areas around the UK. Below are seven key benefits of these CCTV systems for local security teams.


Low entry-level cost – up to 75% less than the cost of comparable cameras

Rapid-deployment CCTV cameras can be installed for a fraction of the cost of their counterparts. In some cases, a low-entry rapid-deployment system can be as much as 75% cheaper than a fully-fledged CCTV system. Rapid-deployment systems are designed for a rapid setup.
For councils on tighter budgets, rapid deployment systems are more affordable but just as reliable options compared to conventional CCTV setups.

Parking enforcement and regulation

Many councils reserve the limited parking space on-site for authorised personnel only. Rapid-deployment CCTV systems are ideal for watching parking areas and ensuring that only authorised vehicles with parking permits are using the space.

Prevention of fly-tipping

It’s important to keep local environments clean and presentable and unwanted fly-tipping in streets, parks and other public spaces can be a nightmare to deal with. The added security that rapid-deployment cameras offer can help enormously in deterring people from fly-tipping and to get a conviction where possible. 

Range of connectivity options

Rapid-deployment CCTV cameras don’t need to be hardwired into storage systems to record footage; they can do so remotely via a range of connectivity options. Rapid-deployment CCTV systems can use Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and 5G and numerous other wireless standards to transfer data to a central storage system.

Increased security

Rapid-deployment CCTV cameras can tighten up security by providing visibility over all selected areas for a relatively low cost. This in turn means less anti-social behaviour and less chance of crime as CCTV cameras are a proven deterrent.

Rapid re-deployment to move cameras to where they are needed quickly

One of the primary benefits of a rapid-deployment CCTV system is that it can easily be redeployed and set up in a new location. Whether the needs of local authorities change over time or the original placement of cameras proves inadequate, moving a rapid-deployment system to a new location is simple and hassle-free.

Solar and battery options for isolated, remote and difficult areas with no mains.

Transmitting video footage wirelessly is one thing, but most CCTV systems will still require a physical connection to a power supply. However, many of the rapid deployment CCTV cameras that we stock support solar power and other independent power options. This means they can be installed in remote locations and other areas where running a physical power connection is challenging.

Can be battery operated, rather than mains driven

Battery-powered rapid-deployment CCTV cameras mean that local security teams can place cameras wherever they are needed with ease. These cameras will work even in areas where solar power isn’t viable.

‘Plug ‘n’ play’ usability means they can be up and running in as little as an hour

A key feature of any rapid-deployment CCTV camera is the ability to set it up rapidly. Our rapid-deployment cameras can go from delivery to full functionality in as little as an hour.

Anyone looking for a versatile and effective security solution for their local area that can be deployed quickly should consider rapid-deployment CCTV systems. These cameras work in a range of contexts and provide all the benefits of CCTV cameras at a fraction of the cost.

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